About Us

Welcome to Messing around Studio!

Owned by Keren Gerlitz, a Jewelry designer and metal worker, this Berlin based studio was born out of an attempt  to combine 2 big passions of mine- flea markets treasure hunts for „hidden gems“ and exercising my imagination and creativity to find how best can these lost old object be repurposed and get a second life. The biggest bonus of this winning combo is the fact that in our consumption culture, reusing and sustainable creation is a blessing and a very needed change. So, armed with passion and motivation I started scavenger hunting around Berlin and than all of east Europe flea markets, dragged my hunt back to the studio and let the magic of inspiration light the way (hahaha get the pun?).

We create mostly lamps but other objects as well and sometimes we get special requests- either from a customer who has a particular object they cherish and want to up-cycle, or
They have a fantasy and we set out to look how to make it real.
Each Lamp is one of a kind, sometimes part of a small series, but each one is handmade and thus can‘t be identical.
For reason, if you are interested in a lamp that is marked as „sold“ don‘t hesitate to write and inquire, we might just have a similar object we can custom make just for you. 

Would love to answer any questions and receive feedbacks and ideas- just hit the contact us button in the menu - and we will be intouch.